Keynote Address

“From Outcasts to Assets – Engaging Schools, Families and Youth in the Transformation of Communities.”

This presentation will feature oral remarks, visuals, and opportunities for participant engagement, addressing asset-based community development that identifies community needs and opportunities.  Insights will be shard on building and sustaining effective community partnerships, and on ways of promoting authentic youth engagement that moves youth from subjects to agents of change.


Reggie Moore Keynote YCEC Summer Institute 2014

Reggie Moore is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Youth Engagement (CYE) based in Milwaukee, WI, USA. The Center serves as a catalyst for building and sustaining strategies to connect young people with quality opportunities to learn, lead, and develop. Prior to launching the Center for Youth Engagement in 2011 Reggie served as Founding Executive Director of Urban Underground, a nationally recognized program that builds youth leadership through grassroots community organizing and civic engagement. He has also worked as national Director of Youth Activism for the American Legacy Foundation in Washington, DC and has served on several boards including the National League of Young Voters, and co-chair of the Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing.

Reggie has dedicated his life to helping young people find and pursue their purpose and power by creating and supporting opportunities for youth-led social change.

Reggie’s work has provided critical pathways for new generations of young people to pursue opportunities in organizing, nonprofit leadership, politics, arts, and social innovation.